Anne Parmer has been involved with the American Foundation for Children with AIDS (AFCA) for the past three years, and has absolutely loved every minute of it.

Parmer first heard about the organization when she interviewed its Executive Director, Tanya Weaver, for a blog she was writing entitled “Interviews With Incredible Women.”

“I was blown away by her commitment and the efficiency of AFCA in working with kids infected/affected by AIDS, so when Tanya asked if I’d consider being more involved, I was willing to commit,” Parmer said.

She began working with AFCA in 2014, and her first commitment was to recruit a team of climbers, get them to each raise eight thousand dollars and then to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

“Our team raised $64,000 for kids with AIDS,” Parmer said. “This August I’ll take another team of 5 climbers to Machu Picchu in Peru, with the goal of helping more children.”  These trips are part of AFCA’s series of adventures titled Climb Up So Kids Can Grow Up.

She currently serves as the Vice President of the Board with AFCA and helps with fundraising, such as leading climbing teams as well as being part of AFCA’s marketing committee.

“I have also helped build some relationships with a local hospital who donates supplies and equipment that we ship to our partner facilities in Africa,” Parmer said.

Parmer’s favorite part of working with AFCA is the satisfaction she gets from knowing that her efforts are greatly aiding children in need around the world.

“To know that we impacted community health in such a major way is really meaningful,” Parmer said.

She looks forward to helping with AFCA’s upcoming Auction and Dessert Night in May and is eager to see the impact that the money raised from this event will have.