Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) – Web Extras

This site explains how to play Bokwele (similar to capture the flag) which is a game played in DR Congo.

Wildlife of Congo

(Grades 6-12) Students read “I Had a Hero” a memoir written by a Peace Corps volunteer serving in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They discuss the story, respond to it in writing, complete comprehension activities and relate the account to their own lives.

(Grades K-6) Students research Democratic Republic of Congo. They make predictions about the countries and the United States in areas of population, land area, water area, coastline length, and literacy rate. They check their predictions and create graphs about the data.

(Grades 6-12) Students read the story “Sharing in Africa”. As a class, they brainstorm a list of holidays and celebrations in various cultures and identify the Congo on a world map. To end the lesson, they focus on one paragraph of the story, determine its meaning and answer comprehension questions. Part two of this lesson can be found at the following link: