Congolese Food

staples: cassava, corn, and rice

  • Fufu, sticky dough-like dish made of cassava flour. This is a staple dish much like rice or potatoes. Various recipes exist.
  • most people eat 2 meals a day — noon and early evening meals are usually a starchy stew served with vegetables and spices
  • dried and smoked fish are eaten more often than poultry
  • Moambé — popular chicken dish
  • malnutrition is common in the DRC

(Willis, Terri. Democratic Republic of the Congo: Enchantment of the World. New York, NY: Children’s Press, 2004.)

Lesson Plan Ideas for Congolese Food

  1. Read “What is Cassava” to class and discuss why this is such a popular (staple) food for DRC.
  2. Print out the recipe for fufu and Moambé. Read to the students what is in it and how it is made.
  3. Make one or more of the foods and allow each student to taste it.
    • If you are able to make it together as a class, this is a great math connection as well.
    • Send home a request for parents to volunteer to make some of these foods.