I know we should treasure all moments in life, all the bits that come to us throughout our days and hours.  Yet, sometimes, there are specific moments that take on a bit more brilliance and that inspire me deeply.  If I am lucky, I get a chance to savor these moments, to take them in, to remember them.  Yesterday, I had two such moments take place – TWO!! What a gift!

The first moment came through the mail. I greeted the mail man as he dropped off the day’s mail and took a heavy box from his hands.  I checked out the return address and noticed it was from Wakefield, MA.  I had spoken at St. Joseph’s School in Wakefield at the end of January and now, this package came from them for our kids in Africa.  I ripped open the box and inside, glowing on a bright piece of yellow paper was the sweetest note from the second grade class.

Part of the letter said, “The children were so excited to help and it showed when they raised over $2000 during our week-long penny war.  We have also collected a box full of supplies to help with the school and hygiene kits that you provide for many children and families. As said before, we are so fortunate to have all we do, and we are happy to help provide for others.”  Then, right below a note of thanks, each child from the second grade signed their names in red, purple, green, and blue ink.  Ms. Martin, the beautiful teacher who organized this gift and Penny War, signed as well.

I am touched.  I am deeply touched by the generosity of this school and of the students.  Thank you, kids, for caring and for DOING something to help others.  I can’t wait to show your names to my kids in Africa – I can already hear their giggles as they open their school kits with erasers, rulers, crayons, pencils, and folders you sent them.

Later in the afternoon, I wrote a note to the team of volunteers who’ll be helping build playground equipment for primary schools in Zimbabwe this summer. I wanted them to know that we’d received a request for some school supplies, but that since I believe each child should receive their own kit of supplies (as opposed to donating to the school and having them distribute to the children), it could be too much for our team.  Five minutes after writing the note (FIVE MINUTES), I received a note back, “I’ll take care of the school supplies.”  In five minutes a decision was made that 500 children would each receive a kit of school supplies.  WHAT?!?  Amazing generosity, once again.

It was one of those days that encouraged me deeply.  It is hard to fundraise and it is hard not to become tired of hearing “no”, “we can’t help you”, “business hasn’t been good lately, so we don’t have any money to donate”, etc., etc.  So, when I am given not one, but two, bits of great news, it just makes my day.  It leaves me renewed, knowing that we are not alone in this business of caring for our kids.

So, thank you, Ellissa, Calvin, Angela, Matthew, Lizzy, Konrad, Gina, Charlie, Maura, Austin, Maliana, Michael, Joey, Matthew, Kate, Adam, Evangelina, Ben, Sam, Lauren, Johnny, Pink, and Mary.   You guys are each bringers of good news and encouragement.

Don’t ever get tired of doing good.