Recently the American Foundation for Children with AIDS (AFCA) partnered with The Giving Block in order to engage and attract new donors and higher net worth individuals that can make big impacts on our programs. In many cases, smaller charities like AFCA get passed up because of the lack of marketing dollars in our budget to spend on ads like some of the larger charity organizations. AFCA is hopeful that by partnering with the Giving Block we are able to attract new donors that want to gift cryptocurrency to help fund some of our larger projects, like building greenhouses in order to create sustainable programs for those that are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

The Giving Block recently launched private client services in order to tailor their cryptocurrency donation services to high net worth individuals, institutions, foundations and those that are wanting to make significantly larger donations to take advantage of the tax benefits. Along with industry leaders, Taxbit, Friedman LLP, and Ren, the private client service looks to create a white glove experience that donors will find valuable and seamless as well as a portfolio of vetted non-profits, like AFCA.

AFCA has already received a portion of a Bitcoin that was used in helping to outfit a school with supplies for one of our programs and The Giving Block made it possible for the transaction to be secure and easy to execute. The Giving Block offers lots of information for those that are dipping their toes in wanting to donate crypto to the right organizations that are going to make the biggest impact.


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