I have had the blessing and benefit of working with the American Foundation for Children with AIDS (AFCA) since 2009, and have seen great works come from this association. The heart of the mission of this wonderful organization is to care for children with HIV, and AIDS, and I have seen evidence that this is done in a timely, responsible, and loving manner. We have benefited from their generosity and their donations by the help they have given to us in Uganda, with the funding of education for doctors, nurses and midwives, and the distribution of school supplies. They have sent separate shipments of 3 containers of supplies to help equip a pediatric clinic for children with HIV and malaria, as well as the recent outpatient clinic for maternity and elderly care. These supplies have also provided a mechanism for the people to raise funds for a storage building, and other important complements to the medical complex.

Representatives from AFCA have traveled to our clinics yearly, and have added their knowledge and suggestions to help the improvement of the care for the children there.

I know that this organization has truly changed the lives of innumerable children and adults in one village in Africa, and we are just one example of the good they have done, and continue to do, for those in great need.


Sylvia D. Campbell, MD FACS

217 S. Matanzas Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33609