AFCA’s new podcast, “That’s a Terrible Idea… When do we Start?” has found a home on Spotify’s podcast platform, Anchor.

Harrisburg, PA, March 09, 2022 — The American Foundation for Children with AIDS looks to attract listeners to it’s newly formed podcast, That’s a Terrible Idea… When do we Start? now streaming on Spotify’s podcast platform, Anchor FM.

New to podcasting, co-hosts, Jen Panattoni and Tanya Weaver, both directors of the charity, discuss the genesis of AFCA and also tell stories of adventure travel. Tanya, the charity’s director, recalls program visits in remote areas of Africa’s sub-Saharan countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo. From harrowing motorbike rides on some of the world’s most dangerous roads, to leading teams up Mount Kilimanjaro, The American Foundation for Children with AIDS has provided pediatric AIDS medication to some of the worlds most vulnerable, while partnering with community stakeholders in order to meet the needs of locals through the building of sustainable livelihood programs in order to stop the cycle of AIDS.

The two look to engage new donors with the podcast sharing first hand accounts of the work being done to combat extreme poverty and the AIDS cycle in these parts of the world. AFCA provides not only opportunities for charitable donations, but their adventure programs, Climb Up and Vacation with a Purpose for those wanting to see the work being done first hand and providing a helping hand with a mission focused style of travel.

Listeners that are interested in learning more about the work that AFCA does, how to support, or take a vacation that will change the way you see the world, can visit AFCA’s website for links to the Podcast, information on adventure travel and more.

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