We arrive in Nairobi, Kenya after 2 hours in the car and 16 in the air and the air feels cool and refreshing after the stale air of the airplane. We all slept some on the last flight, so we feel slightly alive and we arrive at our hotel for the night ready to meet the rest of the team. Two Australians, 9 Americans, 1 Brit, 1 Ukrainian make up our team of volunteers and this bunch of new friends is making our way to Miwani where we will work together with the community there for 2 weeks.
At 1am, I wake up, frustrated that jetlag has gotten to me. I listen to the kids breathing shallowly in their sleep and wonder how they are able to do it so easily. At 4am, I am still struggling to sleep, but I lie still, hoping sleep will get a hold of me, which it finally does, only to be interrupted by the alarm clock 3 hours later. A hot shower revives me, as does a breakfast consisting of chicken wings, a spicy Spanish omelet, and passion juice fruit. Oh, I’ve missed this juice!
Now I sit in the airport, surrounded by reading people and the crackling of snack packs being opened and water bottles being used. Airplanes land and take off and we know that our time to fly to Kisumu is coming to us soon.