It’s hard to believe that the Centers for Disease Control doesn’t pay for third line anti-retroviral medicine here in Uganda.  They are the CDC, for crying out loud!  They have quite a bit of money at their disposal and while I understand that third line is super expensive, THEY ARE THE CDC!

Well, five kiddos cared for by our partner, Baylor-Uganda, need third line medicine in order to live.  As in, if they don’t take it, they will die.  No questions asked.  There is nothing else they can take.  So, when Baylor asked us if we’d provide the kids with the medicine, we said yes.  For two years now, we’ve provided the kids with daily doses of life-saving medicine and today, I heard their stories first hand.  I am humbled and grateful to the donors who allow AFCA to do the work we do.  It is important work.  It has value.  And these kids have a future.

There are other children for whom we provide medicine here.  In fact, there are 10,569 children who receive AFCA medicine!

I really have no other words – today was a day of meetings and of numbers and of planning for the future.  It was also a day of wonder and gratitude.  I am thankful to be allowed to serve side by side with people who have dedicated their lives to helping those who most need it.  There is so much to be done and what we do is a drop in the bucket, but each drop is needed so that one day, the bucket will run over and we will no longer be needed.