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Educational SupportChildren who’ve been orphaned find it difficult to pay for things such as school fees.  Yet, we at AFCA know that staying in school is vitally important for any child, especially one who wants to get out of the cycle of poverty.  To this end, AFCA pays for school fees, uniforms and books for some children in our programs.  They must carry a specific GPA in order to continue receiving fees and most do! 

Children in some of our programs also receive school supplies and backpacks so they can start their school year with the items they need – erasers, pens, pencils, notebooks, file folders, scissors, and glue make up the kits and the children love them.  Boxes of teaching supplies are sent to partner schools, as well, helping the schools with much-needed items, such as maps, art supplies, room decorations, etc.

AFCA also helps keep girls in school by providing reusable sanitary pad kits for them.  With so many girls dropping out of school because of days missed due to their period, something as simple as feminine products changes their future.  Not only do we donate these kits, but we also conduct trainings and teach older girls and women how to make the kits so they can start small businesses.

Finally, AFCA provides books for some small school libraries.  Some books teach science, math, geography, and other subjects, while some others are for the general reading pleasure of the students.  Reading allows the children to imagine things they didn’t think possible and to dream of things they might see and/or become someday. 



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