Joining a Team

Hope is the Spark that Changes Lives

STEP ONE: The Application

  • Click here to download the application. Or complete the online application for one of our current teams.
  • Complete the application and submit it via email. Be sure to make your application as complete as possible.
  • After your application is submitted, it will be forwarded to the appropriate Team Leader.


STEP TWO: The Interview

  • After receiving your application, the Team Leader will contact you to arrange for a 30-45 minute interview.  The interview will consist of a number of questions that allow the Team Leader to get to know you. And it gives you a chance to learn more about the Team Leader and to ask any questions you may have about the trip.


STEP THREE: The Invitation

  • If after the interview, you decide you would like to continue with your application, and the Team Leader feels that you would be a good fit for the team, an invitation will be extended to you. This will occur either at the end of your phone interview or within a few days if multiple applications are being considered.


STEP FOUR: Pay Your Deposit

  • After an invitation is extended, you’ll need to pay your $300 deposit to AFCA.  This needs to be done within 15 days of receiving an invitation for the trip, unless other arrangements are made with the Team Leader. Otherwise your position on the team cannot be confirmed.
  • This deposit is non-refundable.
  • After you have made your deposit, you are officially on the team!



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Tree Ring Coffee

TreeRing Coffee

Tree Ring Coffee has a very strong focus on helping organizations that provide care an help to those in need. Currently they offer 1.5% from every single sale and donate those funds to AFCA.

You can purchase coffee at wholesale price and sell it at retail to help fund your Vacation with a Purpose or Climb Up trips. Ask us for details and start selling today, as you know everyone loves their cup o’ joe!


Get involved today and make a child's life better!


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