climb up patagoniaPatagonia.

The word alone invokes thoughts of snow peaked mountain, immense valleys, glaciers, guanacos with their huge, sad eyes, and silence. Silence that is breathtaking and all encompassing, allowing one to the trickle of a creek or the high-pitched call of an eagle. Silence that allows your head to think and your heart to feel.  Silence that allows you to hear your boots crunch as you trek through this immense area in southern Chile.

Who hasn’t added Patagonia to their bucket list?  It has been on mine since I was 16 years old and the time is near for me to fly down to Punta Arenas to do a 37-mile trek through land that is as old as time, yet as fresh as the dusting of snow that has just fallen.  Patagonia is a word that has been on my lips for many years and it keeps calling my name, first in the gentle whisper and then, because I haven’t paid enough heed, in what is very much like a yell.

I just read this article about the donation of land to the country of Chile. Pumalin and Patagonia national parks will be created thanks to this incredible donation, while expanding other national parks to create a “Route of Parks”. Imagine hiking and exploring this land – sparsely populated by humans and incredibly rich in flora and fauna. Ah!!!  I hear that call again and am finding it hard to resist this time around.

If you are hearing the same call and feel the need to see Patagonia, consider going with a team that is raising funds for children affected by AIDS in Africa through a trek starting on October 31, 2018. Led by Steep Adventures, this journey will be an adventure of a lifetime, while helping save some young lives. Learn more by clicking here.

Ms. McDevitt, who donated the land to the country of Chile, said it well, “This is a reflection of the power of dreams and ideas, built path by path. We’re proof that nothing is impossible. No dream should go unfulfilled.”

Perhaps it is time to cross something off our bucket list, so as to not let a dream go unfulfilled.  The time could be now…why not?