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AFCA has goat projects in each country in which we work: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Uganda. Our Kids4Kids campaign is focusing on two countries in 2017 – DRC and Zimbabwe, where poverty levels are extremely high and where food is scarce and expensive. This project allows families to fend for themselves, while allowing them to drink milk and eat fresh veggies.

Right now, we are raising funds to start a breeding/multiplication center in Matopos, Zimbabwe. From there, three pregnant goats will be given to each selected family from the community, giving children infected and/or affected by AIDS a sustainable solution to hunger. They will also receive seeds for gardens, training (basic veterinary, husbandry, proper housing for animals, etc), vaccines for their animals, and support. Tara Fisher is our intern for six months at this site, using her Animal Science degree to provide training and help to the community.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we work in Tandala and in Gemena. Goats and other livestock are raised in a multiplication center which also acts as a training center for beneficiaries (husbandry and gardening). AFCA is growing this project to include more beneficiary families. Perhaps you’d like to purchase a goat there, knowing it will help a family break out of the cycle of poverty?

The cost to sponsor a whole goat is $250, which gives you naming rights for that goat.  Choose a snazzy name for the gal who’ll be wearing that name for years to come!  The $250 covers not only the animal itself, but also the food for the animal while they grow up, housing, first year of vaccinations, trainings for families (including stationery, food and transportation), seeds for gardens, and everything that is needed to make sure the animals are healthy and ready to go to their new homes.

If you cannot donate an entire goat, no worries!  Anything you give will be amazing.  

Don't know what to give someone for a birthday or anniversary? How about a goat? We'll send your loved one a card letting them know that you donated a goat on their behalf. Just fill in the appropriate spot in the donation form and we'll take it from there.




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These children are AMAZING!

new market middle schoolAbout 2 months ago, a group of 6th grade language arts class from New Market Middle School began reading the book "I Will Always Write Back" for Literature Circles. It is the true story of how two pen pals (Caitlin in America and Martin in Zimbabwe) changed each other's lives. The kids loved it! They were amazed and touched. Their teacher asked them "If Caitlin and her family could make a difference, what can the 27 of us do?" And with that, a challenge was born! They broke into groups and investigated 10 different charitable organizations in Africa, with a specific focus on Zimbabwe. The kids presented their findings to the class and they voted on which organization we wanted to support. The verdict? American Foundation for Children with AIDS and Seeds of Africa.

Then, they brainstormed ideas of how they could raise money. They proposed three ideas to their principal, two of which were approved! Over three weeks they sold candy cane "candy grams" and raffle tickets for a Longaberger basket. They kept a tally on a giant poster every day for 10 days on their progress. The goal was $250 to purchase a goat for a family in Zimbabwe through Kids4Kids, with any extra money going towards “bricks” for Seeds of Africa. They BLEW BY THEIR TOTAL! They collected a total of $568! With this money, the students decided to purchase TWO goats for families in Zimbabwe and the remaining $68 will be donated to Seeds of Africa. 


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