2014 Global Giving Matching Day

Hope is the Spark that Changes Lives

Medicine For HIV+ Children In Uganda


Livestock For 300 Orphan Families In Zimbabwe

Livestock For 300 Orphan Families
In Zimbabwe


A Truck For The Road To Self-Reliance

A Truck For The Road To Self-Reliance



Global Giving matching day is on July 16, 2014!

What does that mean? It means your donation can have even more impact! Donations from $10 up to $1000 are matched at 50%.  This means that your donation of $10 becomes $15 after being matched. 

There are limited matching funds available.

More details about the matching day can be found below.  To make a donation, click on one of the links on the right or on one of the photos. There, you will also learn more details about the projects being matched.  You can donate to more than one project, too!

  1. Donors start donating at 9am EST. 
  2. Funds will run out fast, so donate as close to 9am EST as possible
  3. Matching is at 50%
  4. If we get the most unique donations, we’ll receive an additional grant from Global Giving.  Donations can be as small as $10
  5. Each donor can give up to $1000 per project to be matched. Therefore, a donor can give up to $1000 to each of the links found here on the right (underneath the pictures)



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Make a Difference in Congo

See how you can make a difference in the lives of children in Congo! 

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