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Thank youAFCA's wishlist is just another one of the ways in which you can help us to provide for the needs of children who are affected by AIDS. You will find a below a list of items that AFCA requires in support of our programs acrosee sub-Saharan Africa. If you have any of the items, please get in contact with us. :)

Unfortunately we are no longer accepting medicine bottles and we have stopped that program. Please DO NOT send us medicine bottles. If you'd like to help our organization, here's some things we need: baby blankets, baby diapers, scissors, rulers, fingernail clippers, towels, and glue sticks or anything included below. All of these are used for school and hygiene kits for kids in our programs. Thank you!

Check out our video about Florence Awour and how AFCA is helping her and others to have an education, thanks to donations of items in the school supplies list below. 


Equipment Needs 

AFCA only accepts and ships disposable products that have at least 12 months of use before they expire


Anesthesia machines
Cast Saws
Diagnostic Ultrasounds with probe
EKG recorders
Exam lights
Fetal Dopplers
Fetal monitors
Infant warmers
Infant incubators
Lab equipment and analyzers
- lab incubators
- shakers
- lab washers
- lab digital precision scales
- coagulations analyzers
- humidifier chambers
- blood gas analyzers
- chemistry analyzers
- CD-4 counter
Microscopes (binoculars)
Medical refrigerators
Microscopes- surgical and lab
Nerve stimulators
Ophthalmic equipment
OR lights
Oxygen concentrators
Patient warmers
Portable X-ray systems
Pulse ox meters
Suction pumps
Surgical head lights
Syringe pumps
Tables - exam
- OR
- Surgical
- Delivery
Thermometers (digital)
Traction units
Ultrasound machines
Vital signs monitors
Weighing scales
- adult
- infants
X-ray processors/ developers
X-ray view boxes



Supplies Lists

AFCA only accepts and ships disposable products that have at least 12 months of use before they expire


Anesthesia Supplies
Cardiac Surgery Supplies
Diapers (baby and adult)
Dressings, Gauze & Tape
Endoscopic Equipment
Feeding Supplies & Equipment
First Aid Supplies
Furniture & Other Hospital Furnishings
Gastrointestinal Supplies
Gloves, Surgical & Exam
Gowns, Surgical & Patient
Infant Incubator / Warmer
Intravenous Supplies
Lab Supplies & Equipment
Labor & Delivery Supplies
Needle Counters
Needles (sterile)
OB/GYN Supplies
Orthopedic Supplies
Ostomy Supplies
OR Packs (partial or intact)
Operating/Procedure Room Equipment
Patient Care (Nursing) Supplies
Pediatric Supplies
Personal Hygiene Items
Procedural Trays
Protective Clothing/Face Wear
Pulse Oximeters
Respiratory Supplies
Skin Prep Items
Sterilization Supplies
Surgical Instruments (must be clean)
Suction/Irrigation Supplies
Sutures (sterile)
Urinary Supplies
Vascular Clips
Waste Disposal Containers, Sharps Containers
Wheelchairs & Crutches


Personal Hygiene Kits

These kids should have new items such as:

1 toothbrush (adult size; leave in wrapper)
1 squeeze-tube toothpaste (minimum 6oz; leave in box)
1 large bar of bath soap
1 shampoo
1 fingernail clipper
1 bath towel (dark color)

School Supply Kits

2 notebooks (70 pages or so)
2 pencils
1 pen (black or blue)
Glue stick or glue bottle
Ruler (metric and inch)
1 file folder (paper, with pockets)
1 box crayons (24) or 1 box colored pencils (12)

Other Items

Reusable pads (contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for information on how to send the kits
Baby blankets (new or almost new)
Baby diapers


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