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Imagination. Corporations encourage “Wear Red for a Day” days. Business men host fundraisers. Homeschooling mothers throw dessert parties for a cause. Children gather and donate school supplies. Families walk and hike and Climb Up So Kids Can Grow Up. Churches hold bar-b-q’s and garage sales. What event could you host to raise awareness and/or funds for children affected or infected AIDS? Get creative! If there's anything we can do to help...Email us! 

Words.  Put your pen to the page and give the marginalized children of the world a presence to your readers. If you are a blogger, blog about their lives, their hopes, their plight. If you are a fiction writer, wrap their stories into your plot. If you are a journalist, put them on the front page. If you are a poet, reflect on their lives and exchange poetry with them. But we want to read it and we’d love to share it...Email us! 

Art.  If you are a visual artist, you have one of the more unique and effective ways to share our story and support our cause. Start creating! A portion of the proceeds could be donated to AFCA.  A piece of art could be donated for one of our auctions.  But, we want to see it, so send us photos of what you create...Email us! 

Music. Join with other musicians to give a voice to the voiceless. Write a song and sing about them. Sing about the continent most affected by AIDS. Put yourselves in their shoes and write. Visit them and sing WITH them. Tell their stories through a song. But, we want to hear it, so send us your music and we’ll share it with the world....Email us! 

Sew.How about sewing school bags which we can fill with school supplies?  They can be very simple draw string bags which can hold books, pencils, glue, and other supplies.  Or, you can make backpacks! All are appreciated by kids who don't have parents to help them purchase these basic needs.

Get Creative!How can YOU use your profession, hobby or passion to advocate for children infected and affected by AIDS in Africa? Get creative and go for it! We want to hear your ideas, so...Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  


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