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Ellie's bibsThe Ellie Bib, designed to help keep those pacifiers from wandering away. Perfect for teethers, too! We carry a wide variety of colors and patterns for boys and girls. Each bib attaches securely with 2 snaps at the neck and a snap to keep the pacifier within reach.

Story: For the last 4 years I, Jodi, have had an amazing opportunity to travel to Zimbabwe and work with families affected by HIV/AIDS with American Foundation for Children with AIDS. I have seen first-hand the need for children to have the necessary medical care, food, and income opportunities to care for themselves. This need requires money.

Shortly after my 4th trip, I was given several yards of flannel and wondered what to do with it. This is where the idea of The Ellie Bib was born.

Tanya and I have 10 children between us and know how frustrating it is to have a screaming baby and not be able to find that much needed pacifier. Countless times we, not the baby, would be crawling around on the floor trying to find where the baby last had it, or having to pull the car over and search the cracks in the car seat for the nunny. Or what about when the paci falls out of their mouth and lands on a dirty restaurant or store floor? This bib SOLVES those problems. Also perfect for teething rings. No more slobbery shirts.

Ellie Bib modelWe turned a need into a product that solves 2 problems: providing funds to help AFCA, and providing a product so baby will have their beloved comfy close by.  100% of proceeds will go directly to AFCA’s programs.

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 Also available with an adaptor/modifier for button style pacifiers.

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