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Camping Green Lake - New Zealand"Wild nights" vs nights in civilization....This adventure is a combination of “wild nights”, which is the nights where you are truly in the wilderness, staying in backcountry huts or camping in locations that may be several hours walk from the nearest road or populated area versus nights in civilization where you may stay in cabins, lodges or camp by the vehicle at Department of Conservation campsites. Some of these locations may still be relatively remote and in the wilderness but they can be reached by the vehicle.

Huts - New Zealand has an excellent network of backcountry huts and you will stay in huts on several nights. They are equipped with mattresses, running water and an outside toilet. Cooking is done on a portable stove. Huts are only accessible on foot and shared with other hikers. You also have the option of camping near the hut if that is your preference.

Camping - You will camp in a range of campsites, on the "wild nights" you may camp under natural rock shelters, on remote beaches or even sleep out under the stars! On the non "wild nights" you will camp near the vehicle in Department of Conservation campsites. If the weather is not great for camping, such as very wet, stormy or cold conditions, your guide will seek out alternative accommodation, eg lodge, cabin or crib.

Lodges - You will stay in lodge type accommodation on some of the nights, the lodges are often conveniently located near the start or end of a hike and have multi-share and sometimes twin/double rooms.

Cabins/Cribs - some nights may be spent in private cribs (summer house) or cabins at a campground. Staying in the cribs is a real authentic New Zealand experience and you may even start to feel like a kiwi on holiday!

Bathroom facilities -on the wild nights there will be long drop (pit) toilets. There will be rivers or lakes nearby for washing, and sometimes there is even natural hot pools! The safaris are set up so after a couple of nights of "roughing it" in the wilderness, you will stay somewhere where you can enjoy a shower and a few home comforts (including laundry facilities) before the next foray into the wild!

Participants are required to find their own accommodation before and after their trip. 

  1. Queenstown is where the adventure begins. Links to suggested lodging can be found here:
  2. Christchurch is where the adventure ends.  Links to suggested lodging can found here:
  3. Another great site to learn more about NZ, to find out about visas, weather, culture, etc, is:


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