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Thank you again for committing to helping children served by the American Foundation for Children with AIDS (AFCA)!  Our Payment Policies and Procedures guide applies to everybody who commits to a Climb Up New Zealand So Kids Can Grow Up (CUNZ) fundraising trip, so please read this carefully. 

We hope the following guide proves helpful for those of you who are fund raising the financial support necessary to make your trip a reality.  Be sure to review the information here before beginning your fundraising efforts. These guidelines are in place to ensure that you have the opportunity to join others in the mission of AFCA to help provide medicine to children in Africa affected and infected by HIV/AIDS.

Deposit and balance

Once you have applied for a CUNZ team, you must confirm your place on the team by submitting a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of $500 within 14 days to AFCA. The balance of trip payment (trip cost minus the $500 deposit) is due no later than 90 days prior to departure.

Note: if you are part of a “closed group” (church, corporate, civic club or other group that is not recruiting team members outside your organization), please confirm the deposit amount with your team leader, and understand that it is non-refundable.

Submitting payments

All payments toward your trip must be made in U.S. dollars to AFCA and designated to CUNZ program (see the “coding donations” section). Payments may be submitted by personal check, money order, MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. Your trip payment covers your lodging, food, ground transportation, orientation materials, your climbing fees, and a donation to AFCA’s programs. Not covered are: costs of passports and visas; excess baggage charges; immunizations; travel insurance; international airfare; airport departure taxes; sightseeing, kayaking; bike ride; or meals not listed in each itinerary; laundry; communication charges; and gratuities.

You or your donors may submit funds by credit card via your personalized fundraising page created on AFCA’s website or by telephone by calling AFCA at (888) 683-8323. You can create your personalized fundraising page as indicated in the section ‘Funding your trip’ below.  Participants and donors who submit funds by credit card will receive an automatic e-mail acknowledgment.

Checks and money orders must be made payable to AFCA and mailed to:

1520 Greening Lane
Harrisburg PA 17110

Your deposit and any payments you submit toward the cost of your trip will automatically be credited toward satisfying your financial obligation only when coded as per the coding donation section below.   

Coding donations

For a donation to be credited toward your trip, your name and “New Zealand” must be written on a sticky note and submitted with payment to the AFCA office on your behalf.

Online credit card payments should be made either via the ‘Pay Deposit’ button on your team webpage or via your individual fundraising webpage on AFCA’s website. This is a very simple process. See below for more details.


Funding your trip

Fundraising web page – You can create a personalized fundraising page, by going to and click on ‘Apply Online’ for your specific team. Click on ‘Register/Create Fundraising Page’ > ‘Individual’ and then, the option to create your fundraising page. The web site quickly and easily directs you through the creation of your own web page where you can then direct your donors. If you apply to join a team using the online registration form, your fundraising page will be created automatically during the registration process. You can then direct potential donors to your web page where they can learn more about AFCA and your specific trip. This is a GREAT way to get the word out! Contact AFCA for more details.

Matching gifts – Contact your company’s matching gift officer prior to submitting a matching-gift form. Not all companies’ matching-gift policies allow for the matching of participation fees. If applying for matching gifts, notify AFCA. 

Note: Matching gift funds may only be used to offset the final balance owed if they are received by AFCA at least 30 days before the trip departure.

Tax deductibility – Funding raised toward the cost of a CUNZ trip also includes the cost of food, lodging, climbing fees and land transportation during the trip. A portion of the required trip payment supports the charitable purpose of AFCA.  Depending on the participant’s country of origin, this trip’s cost may or may not be tax-deductible. Please consult a tax adviser concerning your specific situation.

Acknowledging donations – All donors who contribute via check or money order payable to AFCA or who make a credit card donation designated to a CUNZ climber are sent acknowledgment letters by AFCA. Those who donate on line (via a personalized web page or via the link “Donate Now” on AFCA’s website) receive a prompt e-mail confirmation that the donation was received.  Checks should not be made payable directly to you.

Funds raised in addition to the published trip cost – One of the stated purposes of the CUNZ program is to raise funds for children in Africa who are impacted by the AIDS pandemic. To remain consistent with our mission, AFCA is not able to roll additional funds over to a future CUNZ trip. AFCA will use any additional funding that you raise towards the children we support.

Fundraising for airfare – Funds raised in excess of the trip cost may not be used to cover all or part of a CUNZ team participant’s airfare. However, we recognize that some people may want to raise money for their airfare. Please do this on your own and not through AFCA.  Participants may still be able to claim their airfare as a tax-deductible expense even if the funds are paid directly from the participant to a vendor, as long as the trip is in pursuit of a charitable purpose. Team members will need to contact a tax adviser concerning their specific situation.

Cancellation policy

Due to the nature of the government fees and operators' permits, AFCA must adhere to a strict refund policy.

For all trip cancellations received more than 90 days prior to departure, the $500 deposit is forfeited. For cancellations 45-89 days prior, the fee is 50% of the total trip price; 45 days prior or less, 100% of total trip price.

If you feel there is a chance that you may need to cancel a trip, we recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance.

~ If AFCA must cancel – We will make every effort to conduct the trip as scheduled; however if AFCA must cancel, we will attempt to place you on another team. If that is not possible, you may receive a full refund. AFCA cannot compensate participants for the cost of unusable airfare or any other expenses resulting from the cancellation. 

AFCA will contact you to explain how to claim your refund if we must cancel your team’s trip.

~ Delay’s en route – If delays occur en route, or missed or cancelled flights cause you to miss your rendezvous with the team, AFCA staff will do everything possible to assist you in connecting with the team. However, AFCA cannot be responsible for an expenses incurred due to flight problems.

Thank you!

Once again, we appreciate your dedication to AFCA’s mission and your willingness to participate in a Climb up New Zealand trip. Thank you for complying with AFCA’s Payment Policies and Procedures guidelines and please let us know if we can be of any additional help. 


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