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nepal backpacksDocuments and Money

  • Passport - You’ll not get far without it!
  • 2 extra passport photos - Just in case
  • Medical Insurance information
  • Medical card - Detailing any medical conditions, allergies, etc.
  • Copies of all important documents - For sure, include passport and airline tickets
  • Neck pouch/Money belt - For safety
  • Small padlock and keys for luggage - For in-room security
  • Credit card / ATM - May not be readily usable except in major centers. REMEMBER to bring phone numbers for credit card companies separately in case a card is stolen
  • US$ cash - Crisp, no stains. $100 bills best. At least as new as 2000.

Clothing – FOR HIKING, BIGU and KTM

  • Long pants - Ones with zip-off legs work great for unpredictable weather. Make sure they are light-weight if you want to be able to wash them on the line
  • Under-layers - For your legs and your upper body…for cold nights
  • Shirts Long and short sleeves. - Quick-dry work best – cotton can hold in the moisture and take a long time to dry
  • Clothes for layering / fleece - Helps adjust to various temps – and better packing
  • Hiking boots-  For the hike and for day use in Bigu
  • Flip flops - For the shower
  • Other shoes - Comfy shoes for while at the nunnery
  • Slip-on shoes / slippers - You must take off your shoes when indoors, so indoor having footwear is handy and keeps your feet warm
  • Lightweight rain jacket / poncho - Just in case
  • Socks & Underwear - Warm socks, wool hiking socks
  • Wool hats and mittens - You will need these in the evenings and early mornings
  • Jackets - What you bring to layer will dictate the kind of jackets you’ll need. For the hike, something light and breathable. For Bigu, something warm (down works great)
  • Clothes for Kathmandu - We’ll be in a touristy area – you can be as casual or dressy as you’d like. Just be conservative and plan for temps from very warm to cold!


  • Hiking poles - Can be helpful while hiking
  • Water bottles - You’ll need 2 if hiking, just one if you’re not
  • Water purifying tablets - To use if you’re not comfortable with boiled water
  • Trail snacks - For energy on the hike
  • Headlamp - Outdoor lighting is scares / for reading at night
  • Waterproof cover / large plastic bag - To keep your luggage dry and cleaner on the jeep drive
  • Sleeping bag liner
  • Laundry soap
  • Solar shower bag

Toiletries and personal

  • Soap
  • Shampoo & Conditioner - All-in-one saves water and time in the shower
  • Hand sanitizer / handiwipes
  • Deodorant Please! :)
  • Nail file/Clippers
  • Tooth picks / Dental floss - Many travelers regret leaving this one behind
  • Personal cosmetic items - You won’t need much for Bigu!
  • Shaver / Razor
  • Toilet Paper / Packages of Kleenex - It will be supplied in Bigu, good to have in your pocket!
  • Sun screen lotion a MUST
  • After-sun lotion / aloe vera gel - In case you get a burn
  • Insect repellent - Bugs usually aren’t an issue, but just in case
  • After-bite lotion / sting relief - Helps with the itching
  • Extra contact lenses / glasses - In case you lose one
  • Feminine hygiene products

Medications (suggestions only)

  • Prescription medication - Bring repeats / extras – won’t be easily replaced
  • Recommended travel meds - Whatever your doctor or the travel clinic recommends
  • Imodium / Anti-diarrheal medication - Not unusual to need this a time or two
  • Laxatives - Just in case you have the opposite condition 
  • Ibuprofen / pain relievers - Gel or tablets for tired muscles
  • Foot spray - Another little luxury normally placid travelers kill for!
  • Blister bandages / moleskin - Just in case you need it on the hike
  • Decongestant - Sudafed, Afrin or generic equivalents
  • Antihistamine - Benadryl, Claratin, generic equivalents
  • Cold medications - Its easy to catch a cold on all those flights
  • Cipro / Amoxicillin - For traveler’s sickness
  • Sleep aids / sleeping pills - Helps you get some sleep on long flights – or if you’re rooming with a snorer – or for the barking dogs at night!
  • First Aid supplies - Something simple for your personal use – bandaids, Neosporin, athletic tape, tensor bandage, etc
  • Vitamins - Sometimes meals aren’t as balanced as at home
  • Other useful meds to consider - Hydrocortisone cream; eye rinse / drops; motion sickness meds; antacids; nasal spray; mole skin for blisters

Other Items You Might Consider:

  • Pillow - Having your favorite pillow from home is wonderful!
  • Sunglasses
  • Flashlight / headlamp / batteries
  • Zip lock / plastic bags - For dirty/wet clothes, liquids, aerosols
  • Earplugs - For noisy dogs…and roommates 
  • Camera, film, batteries, cleaner - Don’t forget extra batteries!
  • Ipod / music player - For downtime and to share with locals
  • Flight neck pillow - For those loooooong flights
  • Good paperback or two - Good for flights and down time. Great to leave behind
  • Playing cards / games / puzzles - For the evening leisure time
  • Small family photo album - Easy to carry and are a hit with the community
  • Travel alarm clock - To get you up for morning prayers, if you’re interested
  • Binoculars - There is so much to see!
  • Camping/Swiss Army knife - But make sure it’s in your checked luggage
  • Bubble wrap - Great for packing souvenirs
  • Duct tape - It always comes in handy!
  • Small journal/notebook - No matter how tired, you appreciate having written
  • Favorite snacks - Little familiar treats from home are always great
  • Energy bars / tuna / extra protein - For when the meals don’t provide enough energy
  • Thermal drink mug - To keep your hot drinks warm longer
  • Water flavorings - For hot drinks and cold
  • Musical instruments - Not the grand piano!
  • Adapter - So you can use the local electrical plugs
  • Small sewing kit - Really comes in handy!


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