Climb Up: Peru - August 1-12, 2017

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Climb Up: Peru - August 1-12, 2017 - Team Incredibles (open team)
  1. This application form is to be completed by those who are to participate in Climb Up: Peru - August 1-12, 2017 – Team Incredibles (open team)

    Dates of Climb: August 1-12, 2017 (The team itinerary can be viewed here)
    Cost of event: $6000
    Last day for full payment: 120 days before the trip

    If for any reason we cannot get the Inca Trail permits for the exact dates we request, Majestic Peru will do their best to get them for the day before or after the indicated date and will make the necessary changes to the itinerary to accommodate this change. To date, this has never been an issue, but the possibility exists.

    If you're interested in other oppportunities for Climb Up: Peru, look here.

    After you have completed the application form below you will also need to submit a $500 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit via our online donation page, in order to be part of the team. More details are given below.

  2. Full Name(*)
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    Please complete your passport information below. If you do not currently have a valid passport, please send through the information to us as soon as it becomes available.

  12. Citizenship(*)
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  13. Passport Number
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  14. Expiry Date (mm.dd.yyyy)
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  15. Place of issue
    Please enter your passport's place of issue.

    In the case of an emergency whilst participating in our event, please complete the following information.

  17. Name(*)
    Please enter the name of the person to be contacted in case of an emergency.
  18. Relationship(*)
    Please let us know what is your relationship with the emergency contact.
  19. Phone(*)
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    Please enter the email address of your emergency contact person
  21. If you are treated regularly by a doctor, please include their name and contact information:
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    This section is with regards to accommodation and dietary requirements of event participants.

  23. Room Type(*)

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  24. Would you like to share a double room or tent? With whom?
  25. Dietary Restrictions(*)
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  26. Other (please specify)
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    All adventurers need to complete the following section with regards to their health. These details are to ensure for a safe adventure.

  28. Date of Birth (mm.dd.yyyy)(*)
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  29. Gender(*)
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  30. Height(*)
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  31. Weight(*)
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  32. Blood type(*)
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  33. What is the general state of your health?(*)
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  34. Are you pregnant?(*)
    Are you pregnant?
  35. If so, how many weeks?
  36. Do you have a history of asthma or exercise-induced asthma?(*)
    Do you have asthama?
  37. If so, do you use an inhaler?
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  38. Do you have back or knee problems?(*)
    Do you have back or knee problems?
  39. Please describe
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  40. List any physical limitations or medical conditions that might restrict your ability to fully participate in this adventure(*)
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  41. List any medications you will be taking on the trip, dosages and counter indications:(*)
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  42. List any food, drug, or other allergies:(*)
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  43. Do you have any heart or respiratory problems? Are you a diabetic? Please elaborate.(*)
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  44. Do you have any physical or mental limitations, handicaps or prosthesis?(*)
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  45. Do you have any medical illnesses, disabilities or infirmities that have required the regular care of a doctor?(*)
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  47. Describe your mountaineering/outdoor experience:(*)
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  48. Describe your fitness program:(*)
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  49. Have you ever had frostbite or any cold-related injuries?(*)
    Do you have asthama?
  50. Please describe
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    NOTE: You are responsible for procuring your own travel medical insurance, including emergency evacuation insurance. AFCA must receive a copy of your travel insurance prior to your departure.

    Please be sure to read your travel insurance benefits and coverage information to ensure that you have medical coverage for the country you are visiting.


    A $500 non-refundable registration fee needs to be paid along with this application.

    This should be paid our online giving page at, which can be found here. In the Comments field under 'Section 2 Donation Information', type in the host country location and dates for the team you are joining.


    After completion of this application form, you will also need to download the following forms which need to be read and signed and then sent to AFCA. If the participant is a minor, the forms must be signed by a parent/guardian of minor.

    - Voluntary Release form
    - Terms & Conditions and Signed Agreement
    - Medical declaration
    - Doctor's note

    These completed forms should be either scanned and emailed to Tanya Weaver at or mailed to AFCA at the address below.

    American Foundation for Children with AIDS
    1520 Greening Lane
    Harrisburg, PA 17110


    On advancement of registration fee to AFCA and by checking the check boxes below, you agree to AFCA's payment policies.

  55. I agree to the payment policies(*)
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    You've now completed the application form. Please make sure the information is correct and then complete the code in the box below and click on submit.

  57. Comments (If you have anything further that you'd like us to know)
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