Hope is the Spark that Changes Lives

Mawa is a 7 year-old girl living in Mombasa, Kenya.  She was born HIV+ and was taken to the Community Based Health Care (CBHC) facilities for care at a very young age.  mawa 1There, she has received life-saving medicine and her prognosis is great!  She attends school and is involved in youth programs at the Health Care clinic, where she is counseled on taking her medicine even if she is feeling well and where she gets a chance to play with other HIV+ children with no fear of stigma.

While visiting CBHC this year, I looked for Mawa at her school to see how she’s faring.  There, I was told that she wasn’t feeling well and was at home.  Trudging through dusty roads, we found Mawa and her aunt, with whom she lives.  There, we noticed that Mawa, indeed, wasn’t feeling well.  With me was a nurse and she quickly examined Mawa and noticed she had an ear infection.  We all went to the clinic where we obtained medicine for this little one and the next day, she was back at school, full of life and joy.

mawa 2Mawa’s auntie Rose is not only raising her own 3 children, but also takes care of Mawa, as her parents have passed away. The aunt prepares food for workers from near-by businesses – beans, ugali, greens, and stew. Life is hard, for sure and Rose feels a huge burden as she gets up at 4:00 every morning to start the preparations for breakfast and lunch. She is so grateful for AFCA’s involvement in Mawa’s life, though.  She thanked us over and over again for the love and care they feel and for the commitment to Mawa’s health.  She couldn’t believe that the director of an organization would personally visit a child in their care, while I can’t see a time when I won’t visit as many children as possible during a site visit.

Mawa bring us joy and we are so pleased to see how she is growing up – loved and cared for.

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