Bid Up Auction Items

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Below you’ll find items that will appear in the Bid Up Auction.
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Salad bowl/Spoons/Thrive Market certificate

Bowl hand carved in Nairobi, Kenya by local artisan Peter Makworo Ombui, with a year membership to Thrive Market

Woven bowl

Hand woven basket made by women in the Matopos area of Zimbabwe.

Bread basket/William Sonoma certificate

Bowl hand carved in Nairobi, Kenya by local artisan Peter Makworo Ombui with $100 William Sonoma gift certificate.


Keep a good beat and make beautiful music with this hard carved and stretched drum from Kenya.


Nepalese over the shoulder bag, perfect for a casual day out!

Coiled elephant/Lake Tobias

Handmade recycled elephant in Zimbabwe by people with disabilities. Enjoy the wild side by taking your family of four to Lake Tobias!

Carved wooden bowl

Bowl hand carved in Nairobi, Kenya by local artisan Peter Makworo Ombui.

Coiled hippo

Hand made recycled hippo in Zimbabwe by people with disabilities. Purchase of this item not only helps AFCA’s children, but also Jiros Jira, which works with these awesome artists.

Metal elephant/Hershey Zoo certificate

Metal elephant made in Kenya. The winner will also receive a pass for a family of five for a Behind the Scenes tour at Hershey Zoo!

Leather purse

Leather purse made in Zimbabwe by Game Skin Product. Leather was donated from safari operators.

Wall hanging

13” x 54 ½ table runner. Hand made by members of Family Aids Caring Trust (FACT) and the Singisi African women’s club. Design by Dot Tayler.

Baby yak shawl

This will be your warmest shawl, made from baby yak wool in Nepal. No animals were hurt in the making of this shawl!

Blanket basket

Store your blankets in this hand woven basket made out of sisal fiber in Kenya. Basket made by HIV+ moms supported by AFCA. Beautiful Crate and Barrel throw is included with this auction item

Nativity scene

Decorate your house with this handmade soapstone manger scene with 12 figures carved in Kenya.


Bring color to any room with this hand beaded giraffe made in Zimbabwe. The winning bidder will travel to Kenya with a group of volunteers in July, allowing them to see AFCA’s work followed by a safari drive in Amboseli National Park

Laundry basket/bathroom storage glassware

This hand woven laundry basket from Zimbabwe will beautify any room in your house! This item doesn’t come alone! Bathroom storage glassware from Crate and Barrel are included

Tanzanite necklace

Handmade by local jeweler Monika Krol of Meeka Fine Jewelry, this stunning, sweet necklace features a 7.66 carat periwinkle blue tanzanite cabochon. Tanzanite is exclusively found in a very small mining area in the Merelani Hills of Northern Tanzania, near Mount Kilimanjaro. The pendant measures 9/16″ tall by 7/16″ wide and is set in sterling silver with an 18″ sterling silver chain.

Flower pot/Flowers/Stauffers certificate

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